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Body-led Psychotherapy









Your body speaks its mind. Are you able to be present to yourself and listen to it? Your body wisdom is a powerful guide to your innate clarity, to making decisions and to moving forward in life with ease and flow. It is also a guide to releasing struggle, overwhelm, and confusion that can keep us stuck. The body and nervous system carry our history, and governs where energy flows or gets blocked. Tough life experiences that cause trauma, shock, and grief can cause adaptations to the nervous system such as numbness, hyper-activation or chronic stress. We feel stuck in old patterns of behaving and relating. Session work offers a compassionate, non-judgemental space to open up, and with curiosity, to gain perspective on the parts of Self and topics that you feel are needing attention, helping you to notice where there are self-limiting beliefs. Through combining mindset work with body-led techniques, you will learn to reclaim your natural confidence, fullness of expression, and to feel grounded and in touch with your intuition and clarity.


I am passionate about supporting people with reinvigorating their self-belief through the mind-body-voice connection. Cultivating embodied living is an ally. No matter how stuck we feel, the body is not fixed, it is a process and a key to our sense of agency impacting how we make choices in how we breathe, think, feel, behave and act. The body-led approach makes it possible to come more fully into your energy and presence, releasing old patterns and coping mechanisms that you feel no longer serve you and reconnecting you with your life purpose and a sense of vibrant aliveness.


My work as a therapist has developed from 25 years of practice based enquiry into psyche-soma in theatre and my voice coaching teaching and practice. I have extensive experience of working with people holistically, and diversely and inclusively across sectors. 


Body psychotherapy has its roots in psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich's theory of character and how a person's mind-body connection is affected through the stages of development. I also draw from philosophy and spiritual teachings. I rely on my own connection to my body, breath, and self-expression and capacity to to be fully present when guiding the client. I combine bodywork, bioenergetics, trauma release techniques, and other traditional therapeutic techniques like Gestalt role play and attachment theory to support the exploration of topics, and patterns of behaviour and relating. I am adept at tailoring session work to meet your needs and where you are at. My approach is  grounded in technique, passion and experience, whilst being highly instinctive.




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