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"Working with body-led psychotherapy has been a revelation. It has allowed me to grow, uncover and discover. In particular I have been able to access and explore my anger in a safe and supportive space that the therapy offers me."


​"I met Kate while participating in a voice training. I decided to try sessions as I was going through a transition period. I found that Kate creates a climate in which it is easy to discuss issues without judgments. Kate has real empathy and is very supportive, while also giving you space as needed. I always felt heard and I found the sessions creative and useful. I was able to work specific topics in each session and leave with a better understanding of myself. The body-led approach has provided me with tools to reconnect with myself and to use outside the session to maintain my energy."


"Kate is by far the best therapist I’ve worked with and her sessions were always engaging, fearless and supportive. Drawing on a wealth of techniques and skills, as well as her natural ability to be present, intuitive and nurturing. Sessions helped guide me into a body awareness which took me into the places that truly needed attention in the moment. I never sensed any negative judgement from Kate, which greatly helped me to open up without fear during our sessions. I am a markedly more peaceful and happier person than I was when I began therapy."

"I started working with Kate because I wanted to show up at work more authentically and 'find my voice'. From the very first session she gave me tools and techniques for me to feel more present, in my body, and authoritative. She is very intuitive, insightful and creates a safe space for work that is often challenging - but worth it. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in a more holistic form of therapy that doesn't just focus on the mind."

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